Charity Participation Update


March of Dimes: This charity helps super-mom at every stage of pregnancy. There are about 4 million super babies born each year in our country and we can all be heroes to them and their mom's by contributing to this organization.  We support this organization through our Be a Hero charity partnership program through regular donations to them and by supporting walkers whom reach-out and as for support. Please check-out the video below featuring true superheroes and why we should all march and fly with March of Dimes.

We have been supporting Ivey Ministries for several years now, she provides us with daily inspirations from our Divine Superhero - God - who protects, blesses, and loves us everyday.  Please sign-up for the daily Word of the Day at

Regular donations are sent to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital from the Be A Hero Charity Partnership program at This wonderful organization leads the battle against defeating childhood cancer and other diseases. 

Our Be a Hero Charity Partnership program also contributes regularly to the SHIELD Mentor Program. This organization provides a full range of mentoring programs and services, providing the skills for success in leadership development.  The structure of the mentoring programs creates an atmosphere that is designed to decrease the limitations in the lives of youth to help them become more likely to fulfill their highest potential.

Huge THANK YOU to all of our customers for each order that we receive allows for all of us to continue being heroes in other peoples lives. Be a Hero today!