Welcome to SuperheroWatches.com! Where everything we do is driven by the passion of creating and offering quality superhero watches; where each watch design is infused with a deep understanding of each character, their history, evolution, canon or mythology, and rebirth; and towards developing an awesome engaging relationship with you - our customer.

We love conceptualizing and creating young adult and adult superhero watches for women and men. We use the collective depth-of-knowledge that our team has of each superhero along with scientific research (meaning reading comic books) to stay current with the evolution and rebirth of each hero. Our story began when our managing partner Chris saw his first limited edition Superman watch. He had to save up to buy his first watch and the watch is on display at our fortress of fulfillment (or our order fulfillment center) and it symbolizes the passion that we all share for great quality superhero watches and the evolution of this passion onto SuperheroWatches.com.

In 2002 we sold our first watch and since our humble beginnings we have teamed-up with several exceptional vendors to design and create licensed quality superhero watches and other superhero related items. Please note that we do not sell unlicensed product - as that would be an insult to the people who created these amazing characters and to the companies that allows for each characters' story to continue. So please rest assured that each product that we offer is licensed and 100% authentic.

We take pride in working with our vendors and their design teams, and interjecting our creative input into each watch that we offer. For example, the Batman Limited Edition 8 watch set was ideated by our managing partner Shannon after he saw the 75th year USPS stamp set. We then started brainstorming on how to create an awesome watch set, with the goal of creating something that has never been done before, and integrate the comic-book history of The Caped Crusader. For this year we are working on some marvelous Wonder Woman watches to celebrate and commemorate her 75th year. By the way she looks great at 75.

Over the years we have expanded our product-line to include other superhero related merchandise such as jewelry, rare and hard to find collectible items, apparel, comfy throw costume snuggies, home decor, and movie related merchandise. We are also growing into other character universes to ensure that we have a watch (or two) of everyone's favorite superhero.

Despite our continued success and growth we felt that something was missing. We all have challenges in life and our real-life heroes and comic-book superheroes inspire us to work through our challenges, towards conquering these, and towards being victorious. As we all know it is hard to face life problems alone and everyone needs a (super) friend to lean-on. There are times that we need a hero in our life, but also, there are times where we can be a hero to someone else - by doing acts of random kindness, by a simple smile or "hi" to the stranger on the bus, by buying that Starbucks coffee for the person in the car behind you.

We at SuperheroWatches.com are evolving… mutating… transforming (almost like the DC Comics Rebirth). That is why in 2016 we are launching our "Be a Hero" charity partnership program where we will donate at least 5% of each sale to a charity organization. Please note that we will not increase the cost of our products to cover this donation but by buying your favorite superhero watch direct from SuperheroWatches.com - this will allow for you and us here to "Be a Hero". We will keep everyone informed of the charity group we are working through social media or our blog and we plan to mix up and partner with varying charities throughout the year.

We would like to thank all of our customers whom we have had the pleasure of serving through the years. We treat our customers as good friends and we have established many friends through our 10+ years of selling superhero watches and other superhero merchandise.

At SuperheroWatches.com, we promise to offer quality products, to deliver these at Flash-like speed, to be your super-friend, and that together we can "Be a Hero" to someone who needs one through our charity partnerships.