Always remember that together we can "Be a Hero"!

Despite our continued success and growth we felt that something was missing. We all have challenges in life and our real-life heroes and comic-book superheroes inspire us to work through our challenges, towards conquering these, and towards being victorious. As we all know it is hard to face life problems alone and everyone needs a (super) friend to lean-on. There are times that we need a hero in our life, but also, there are times where we can be a hero to someone else - by doing acts of random kindness, by a simple smile or “hi” to the stranger on the bus, by buying that Starbucks coffee for the person in the car behind you.

We at are evolving… mutating… transforming (almost like the DC Comics Rebirth). That is why in 2016 we are launching our “Be a Hero” charity partnership program where we will donate at least 5% of each sale to a charity organization. Please note that we will not increase the cost of our products to cover this donation but by buying your favorite superhero watch direct from – this will allow for you and us here to “Be a Hero”. Other selling channels charge a high-premium to sell through their online mall or site, by selling directly through our site (instead of Amazon or eBay) – this allows for us to partner with select charities instead of paying these to large companies as seller fees. Please note that we only promise to donate 5% of each order product cost only (excludes shipping fees, taxes, any handling fees or gift wrapping/boxing fees). Our “Be a Hero” program is for direct to customer orders only and excludes wholesale orders.

We met the co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker Mr. Neil Blumenthal in the fall of 2015 at the XRC launch in NYC and he was a key speaker at the event; such an amazing guy with an amazing vision for their company. Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses for every pair sold, to someone who needs glasses. What this company does and its leadership is truly inspirational and inspired us to create and launch our “Be a Hero” program.

We aim to be a socially conscious company with socially aware and responsible team-members. This allows us here at to have a deeper purpose and gives deeper meaning and value to what we do every day- and allows for us to embrace and live our “Be a Hero” mission.

This section of the site is presented in a blog-type format and will allow for us to tell the story of our “Be a Hero” campaign in an effort to be transparent with our promise to donate at least 5% of each transaction to a great cause.

Shannon & Chris

Managing Partners at


"Be a Hero" Charity Program

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