5 Batman Gifts You Can Gift to Yourself

With rumors still flying around about The Batman movie, from whether or not Ben Affleck will still be Batman to when the actual movie will come out, it's bound to set some of us Batman fans on edge. And The Lego Batman Movie didn't really do much to quench our thirst (though we have to admit it was fantastically funny and one of the best Lego movies ever). So, if you're hankering for something Batman to tide you over until the real movie comes out, we've got some Batman gifts (it is still considered a gift even if it's for you) that you might want to check out.

#1: Batman The Dark Knight Rises Costume Comfy Throw

Comfy ThrowIf you’re going on a Batman movie binge, you might as well be dressed for the occasion. Nothing says that more than this costume comfy throw. You can snuggle up on your couch or your bed and surround yourself with all things Batman. And since this comfy throw comes with sleeves that leave your hands free, you can even use it to keep yourself warm while you scrounge up new rumors about the fate of The Batman movie.

#2: Stainless Steel Blue and Yellow "BATMAN" Pendant with 24 inch Chain

Batman NecklaceThe pendant is stainless steel and designed with the classic blue and yellow logo from the Bronze Age of Batman. The 24-inch chain means you can choose to be discreet about your love of the caped crusader or be as loud as possible about it. We suggest you pair this awesome accessory with the next Batman gift on our list.

#3: Batman Logo Costume Hoodie

Batman HoodieThis Batman hoodie will definitely complete the look you're going for. You get a hood with bat ears and a utility belt that comes with pockets (well, it's actually a belt printed on the jacket and the pockets just happen to be placed in the same area but you get the idea). With the pendant around your neck and this hoodie partially opened, no one will ever be in doubt that you're Batman's greatest fan.

#4: Batman Black Matte Stainless Steel Ring 

Batman RingIf the necklace isn’t really your thing, this ring just might be. It features the Dark Knight’s silhouette and is made up of stainless steel. The black matte is definitely a nice touch that’ll get you compliments from people whether they’re a fan of Batman or not.

#5: Batman Logo Stud Earrings

Batman EarringsWho says only guys can be fans of the caped crusader? Then again, who says only women can wear these stud earrings? Made out of stainless steel, this pair of small but fashionable accessories will last you a lifetime.

If you’re looking for other superhero gifts for yourself or a loved one, be sure to check out the rest of our collection.