Awesome Batman Watches

There have been a plethora of Batmans over the years and quite a lot of debate about who's done it best. It's Michael Keaton, duh. But, then again, Christian Bale did great too. There are probably those who believe Ben Affleck was the nearest to the real thing. Ok, so it's really all about personal preference, except maybe George Clooney, am I right?

Anyway, you're obviously reading this because you're a fan and thinking about buying a Batman watch. So you definitely have an opinion on who epitomized our beloved caped crusader best. Well, we have some suggestions for you based on the Batman "man" you prefer.

Set of Batman watchesWe'll start out with the ultimate collection - a set of watches featuring Batman through the ages. Not unlike the evolution of actors that have strolled in front of our big screens portraying our caped crusader. This collection portrays certain eras of Batman's comic book history in his 75 years of existence. Each version portrayed in each watch has a distinctive flair, a certain personality trait and/or physical characteristic setting him apart from all other Batmans in existence. Along with 4 different Batmans, you get 4 watches featuring the evolution of his bat signals. Yes, they too have changed over the years. You were just too dazzled by the Dark Knight to notice it. This set is the perfect choice for those who can't seem to find a Batman movie that could ever come close to the real caped crusader, the one who we all grew up with, the Dark Knight we've all imagined him to be.

Michael Keaton Batman WatchFor the fellows who loved the Michael Keaton Batman, this one should be right up your alley. It was made in celebration of Batman's 75th anniversary and the 25th anniversary Michael Keaton's portrayal of Batman (1989). Both the color-tone and feel of the watch are simple yet elegant - a hats off to the classic Dark Knight.

Christian Bale Batman Watch with Logo

When it comes to stealth, the Batman that stands out in our minds is Christian Bale. And he really was a badass Batman so he deserves a badass watch. It has a unique design - the Batman logo attached to the glass. It’s definitely one of a kind. FYI, there are only 300 of these babies in the world.

Ben Affleck Batman WatchIf you liked the brooding Ben Affleck as your Dark Knight, then this piece is perfect for you. Designed with both the latest logos of Batman and Superman, this sports watch looks rugged but stylish. Not at all like a watch that a boy would wear. It is definitely a man’s watch.

Glow in the Dark Batman WatchIf you think you’d be the best Batman, then maybe this is the watch you’re looking for. You won’t need to get the bat signal going because the glow from your watch is enough to warn the criminals that the caped crusader is here. And if not for you, maybe you should consider gifting it. The glow in the dark feature makes it one of the best Batman gifts in our collection. It definitely speaks to the kid in all of us.