Awesome Batman Watches

Ok, we have to admit that this new Batman movie has made us a bit skeptical. Sure, there have been some “questionable” picks in the past. But Twilight? It doesn’t really scream dark knight. Though vampires and bats have been connected in people’s minds since Bram Stoker’s novel came out, Edward doesn’t really come near to what we picture Bruce Wayne/Batman would look like in our mind. But the teaser that Warner Brothers recently released does give us a bit of hope. In the meantime, fans of the Dark Knight will love to know that we’ve got some cool new Batman watches they can add to their collection.

Batman Black Tonal Bracelet Watch

Batman Black Tonal Bracelet WatchIf you're a Batman fan who wants to look more like Bruce Wayne, this is the batman watch for you. This black tonal watch is urban chic, the perfect accessory to complete your business attire. It's also the ideal accoutrement for a fancy date night with your woman. It features the classic Batman logo. Bruce Wayne himself won’t hesitate on wearing this watch whenever he heads out for a day at Wayne Enterprises.

Batman "Justice" Stealth Men's Sport Watch

Batman Of course, Bruce Wayne isn’t always Bruce Wayne, if you know what we mean. There will be times when the Dark Knight will want to come out to play. On those nights, a classy watch won’t cut it. He’s going to need this Batman watch for men - the Justice Stealth Men’s Sports Watch. Now, this one is definitely more on the rugged side. It's the perfect accessory to help our formidable vigilante to keep his nightly appointments either with friends or foes. It features a custom dial with the batman logo. It also features an 0S21 "Two Eyes" Chronograph Japan Movement with 24H and minute counter as well as a date function. It even has a 5 ATM water resistance level! If you're more Batman than Bruce Wayne, then this is the watch for you.

75 Years of Batman Black Stealth Mens Watch

75 Years of Batman Black Stealth Mens WatchA couple of years back, Batman turned 75. To commemorate this special occasion, several watches of different styles were created. This particular men's Batman watch is one of those. It features the official 75 Years of Batman logo. It is a black and silver toned watch that you can wear at home, in the mall, at the park, on the street, etc. It's premium silicon band is very comfortable that you might find yourself wearing a true collectible dressed in sweatpants and nothing else. As for collectors, never fear. This watch comes with a certificate of authenticity, a cool Batman motif box, and a full-colored Batman comic-inspired outer box. It’ll definitely be an eye-catching addition to your shelf.

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