Batgirl Watches To Go With Any Outfit

The Dark Knight isn't the only silent guardian watching over Gotham City anymore. Move over, Batman. Batgirl's taking the stage. The new Batgirl movie that’s going to be an HBO exclusive is about to start production and we can't wait! If you're a DC superhero fan, then you know that there hasn't been a live-action movie featuring Batgirl since Alicia Silverstone in Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin. It's safe to say that the slate is pretty clean on this character. Now, there's not a lot of information yet as to the plot of the story except for the fact that Batgirl is going to have a dark origin story. But that doesn't mean we can't speculate. We've got three ideas for the type of Batgirl that might appear on our screens in 2022 and the Batgirl accessories that go with them.

Batgirl Classic Women's Watch

Batgirl Classic Women's Watch In the comics, Barbara Gordon is a professional woman. She has a doctorate in library science, heading the Gotham City Public Library. She was an independent woman who had a career of her own aside from her activities as a crimefighter. More importantly, she was no one's sidekick. Out of all the Batgirl watches in our collection, there's one that matches this description - the Batgirl Classic Women's Watch. It features a gold tone case with a gold Batgirl logo on the dial set in a black background. The black silicone strap also features a brushed gold design, giving this watch a stylish, classic design. The perfect Bat-cessory for Batgirl's professional alter ego.

Batman Batgirl Pink Emblem Strap Watch

Batman Batgirl Pink Emblem Strap WatchThis is definitely one of the most eye-catching Batgirl gifts in our store. And we have to admit, we keep seeing Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl whenever we see this Batman Batgirl Pink Emblem Strap Watch. It looks like a mix of Clueless chic and Batgirl toughness. This almost all-black watch features a jeweled black dial and case with a glittery pink Batgirl logo. Now, before you say how unlikely we are to get a perky Barbara Gordon if she has a dark past, it's not out of the realm of possibility. After all, there is a market for the pretty, perky heroine. In fact, it might be about time for us to have a superhero who's just happy to help others. Not because they have someone to avenge. Even if this theory doesn't pan out, it doesn't mean there won't be this kind of superhero in the future. One lives to hope.

Batgirl DC Comics Bombshell Watch

Batgirl DC Comics Bombshell WatchWhenever a comic book character is brought to life on the screen, there’s a lot of debate on the casting, the story, etc. No doubt that having Leslie Grace play Batgirl has been commented on by numerous fans. In the comics, Barbara Gordon is a brunette (just like Leslie Grace!) who wears a red wig to disguise herself. So, it’s not hard to imagine that the movie might follow canon, at least in part.

Our Bombshell Batgirl watch is the perfect accessory to this theory. It features the Batgirl in her DC Comics Bombshells form on the dial, a stainless steel caseback, and a high-quality leather strap. It looks cool in an old school kind of way. More importantly, it represents female empowerment in the 40s and 50s, when women found out that they were capable of many things other than keeping house. We can definitely see the modern Batgirl harnessing the same strength of character and personality as the Bombshells of before.

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