Batman Gifts

Did you hear? Gotham is going into its final season this coming January and there's a rumor that Batman may at last make an appearance. Well, if you're excited about this possibility just as we are, you might want to get yourself and your like-minded friends some Batman gifts this Christmas while we wait for the new season to come. And we've got just the stuff you're looking for.

Batman Typeface Black T-Shirt

Batman shirtNow, we know that t-shirts make really lame gifts, especially during Christmas. However, we're talking about a Batman T-shirt here. The typeface design is very cool indeed and the shirt comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Best of all, it's made of pre-shrunk, ringspun 100% cotton which is not only soft, it also keeps it shape even after washing.

Batman Harley Quinn PU Suit Up Snapback with Appliques Diamonds

Batman HatOk, this is technically not a Batman hat. It's a Harley Quinn one. But (and it's a big one), you can't deny just how cool this cap is. Half is metallic red while the other half is black. And then there's the black faux leather diamond appliques. It was definitely designed to catch Joker's eye but we believe it can do the same with just about anyone.

DC Batman Backpack Built Up DC Backpack Inspired by Batman

Batman BackpackBackpacks are a necessity. We all need them. Most of us can't have enough of them. Whether you're looking for a gift for a young adult or a kid, a backpack is a safe bet. Even better if it's a Batman backpack like this one. It's not flashy but it is quite cool. It has loads of pockets and can be used for light travel or for going to the gym, school, or work.

DC Batman Foundmi 2.0

Batman FoundmiWe all agree that no superhero has better gadgets than Batman, except maybe Iron Man but we're not talking about him. Anyway, if you're a fan of the Dark Knight (or you know someone who does), one of the best Batman gifts you could ever get is this Foundmi 2.0. Everyone loses stuff all the time. With this device, you can track your keys or your phone. You can even use it as a camera shutter for long distance selfies or group photos this holiday season!