Best Batman Watches for 2021

We've had a whole slew of Batman movies over the years, but despite this fact, they never go out of style. Every time we turn around, there's a new actor playing the part. That's not to say that we aren't incredibly excited to see Edward, er, Robert Pattinson in the newest Batman movie. But that's not the only thing that has us wishing it was 2022. It's the fact that the upcoming movie, The Flash, contains more Batmans (Batmen?) than any movie ever shown. Ben Affleck is, of course, reprising his role. But he's not the only one. The original, and in our humble opinion, the best Batman ever, Michael Keaton is going to be in it too! In anticipation of such a cosmic event AND the upcoming Batman day in September, we decided to show off some Dark Knight memorabilia that you might be interested in.

Batman 75th Year Limited Edition Men's Watch (Tim Burton / Michael Keaton Movie Inspired)

Batman 75th Year Limited Edition Mens Watch (Tim Burton / Michael Keaton Movie Inspired) When it comes to the Dark Knight, we are of the belief that there can be only one - Michael Keaton. He "invented" the Batman voice - the first actor to ever create a separate voice for his alter ego. He also had the best Batman voice. And he played both Bruce Wayne and Batman to perfection. There was a clear difference between how each persona was portrayed. Michael Keaton wasn't just donning a suit, he was becoming a different person altogether. Which brings us to this Batman watch. It's inspired by the Batman movie made by Tim Burton and Michael Keaton. This collectible Batman watch for men (only 500 pieces worldwide!) has a classic feel with a blend of gold and black. It's the perfect accessory for a night on the prowl.

Batman 75th Year Limited Edition Silver-Toned Men's Watch

Batman 75th Year Limited Edition Silver-Toned Men's WatchWe understand that a gold-and-black watch isn't something everyone can wear comfortably during the day. That's fine because we have several to choose from among our Batman watches 2021 collection. But that doesn't mean this one isn't just as classy. It has a silver, platinum, and black color-tone which makes it an ideal watch for day AND night activities, whether you're working at the office or out to a dinner gala just like Bruce Wayne.

The Ultimate Batman 75th Year Limited Edition Watch Set

The Ultimate Batman 75th Year Limited Edition Watch SetFor those who love collecting Batman comics, you'll be happy to know that there's one collection that should be right up your alley. And get this: you don't just get one men's Batman watch. You get 8 pieces, each one etched with the edition number on the case-back. That means you can wear one each day of the week with an extra watch for special occasions. Or just wear whatever when the mood strikes you. It's almost as if you get a watch for each actor who's played the Dark Knight. All 8 of them!

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