Best Men's Aquaman Watches for 2022

After earning $1.1 billion at the box office, it's no surprise that WarnerBros. is releasing Aquaman 2 this coming December. And we're beyond excited about it, especially after they just released the official synopsis of the movie. Helping the ruler of Atlantis in protecting his watery realm is Mera. We'll also be seeing Orm, King Nereus, and the Black Manta - one or more of which might be the unlikely ally that will be fighting by Aquaman's side. Since it'll be quite awhile before we get to see a trailer, we decided to whet your appetite for old school Aquaman with these men's watches in our collection.

Aquaman Stainless Steel Black Men's Watch

Aquaman Stainless Steel Black Mens WatchAdmittedly, the King of the Seven Seas in the comics looks nothing like Jason Momoa. But that doesn't mean he doesn't look like a badass superhero. Despite all the spoofs, memes, and sushi jokes, the ruler of Atlantis is no one to scoff at. And our Aquaman watches are proof of that. This particular specimen features a black stainless steel band and case with the comic book image of Aquaman - blond, blue-eyed, and built - wearing his awesome golden chainmail on the dial. This limited edition watch is, unsurprisingly, water resistant. The telepathic ruler of Earth's oceans lives part of his life under the sea, after all.

Aquaman Stainless Steel Silver Men's Watch

Aquaman Stainless Steel Silver Mens WatchIf black Aquaman jewelry is not something you're looking for, we've got a shiny silver one in our collection for you. Like our first pick, this watch is made of stainless steel. Aquaman and his old school comic book logo is featured on the dial. It's also water resistant up to 5 ATM. With the number of Aquaman fans steadily increasing and the sequel release date moving nearer, you might want to get your hands on this limited edition piece as soon as possible.

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