Captain America Watches

Since the 4th of July is just around the corner, we thought it highly appropriate that we remember the importance of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" with these Captain America watches. Everyone knows that Captain America is the good guy, the boy next door, the star-spangled man with a plan. He is a patriot; he fought during WWII because he wanted to serve his country. He stands for what is right even if the cost of doing so is too high. He is the man who ensures that the American Dream has a chance of becoming the American's reality. And if Independence Day isn’t enough of a reason for you, here’s another one: a Captain America watch is a great choice if you’re looking for Marvel gifts for a loved one.

Captain America Shield Watch with Metal Bracelet Band 

Captain America Shield Watch with Metal Bracelet Band"When Captain America throws his mighty shield, All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield." Obviously, you'd know these lines if you grew up watching the 1960s Marvel Super Heroes cartoon. Even if you didn't, you'd know that Cap and his shield go hand-in-hand. Kinda like Thor and his hammer. If you want a Captain America watch, you definitely can't go wrong with one that has the Cap's shield as the design. The blue and silver metal bracelet band adds a bit of badass to the design.

Captain America Blue Rubber Shield Watch 

Captain America Blue Rubber Shield WatchIf you're not a fan of metal watches (i.e. allergic), then this Captain America watch just might be right up your alley. The blue band is made entirely of rubber. The watch's face still has that iconic shield so everyone can easily see how much you love this man out of time.

Captain America Stainless Steel Watch

Captain America Stainless Steel Watch Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you might want to skip this paragraph. If you have, then here's why you might want to get this piece. Remember when Captain America fell in the Potomac River? While he was rescued by the Winter Soldier a.k.a. Bucky, we believe that he could have rescued himself even if he had already been almost beaten to death. But what does this have to do with the watch? Well, this watch is a water resistant stainless steel watch. Stainless steel - Captain America's shield/his will to live. Water resistant - he didn't drown. Get it? Even if you didn't, you still might want to check this watch out if you're looking for awesome Marvel gift ideas.

Captain America - The Winter Soldier - Black Silicon Watch

Captain America - The Winter Soldier - Black Silicon WatchIf you're a fan of the Winter Soldier, then this is the Captain America watch for you. It definitely stands out among all the other watches we have in this collection. The design on the face of the watch is a comic book drawing of Captain America. Also, the band is made out of black silicon.

Captain America Avengers Dual Time Shield Mens Watch

Captain America Avengers Dual Time Shield Mens WatchIf you're a true Steve Rogers fan, then this is one watch that you definitely must have. You've probably been keeping up with Marvel comics new Captain America: Steve Rogers series. Which means you know that the fragments of reality-altering Cosmic Cubes that tweak the fabric of existence have formed into a young girl named Kobik. Kobik, under the influence of Red Skull, has given good boy Steve Rogers false memories of an alternate reality where he is a sleeper agent of Hydra. Or are they really false memories? So, what has all that got to do with the watch? Well, this particular watch allows you to keep "watch" of two realities - your time zone and a second time zone. Which one is your reality? You get to decide. As for the story, you’ll just have to wait for Marvel to reveal all, just like the rest of us.