Christmas Gifts

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas isn’t far behind. It’s safe to say you ought to be planning out what gifts to give out. We all know that one of the most difficult things about gift giving is finding the right gift that’s going to be put into good use, not left in the closet waiting for the next backyard sale. And this is where we come in. We scoured our products for some unusual gifts for men. The ones that no one else may be giving to that man in your life - partner, dad, brother, uncle, cousin, or friend. Gifts that will make any superhero fan light up just like a Christmas tree. So, here goes nothin’.

Thor Gold Cuff Link & Key Chain Box Set

Thor Cuff LinksIf your partner/relative/friend is any kind of superhero fan, then he’s going to love this gift. Thor is one of the best superheroes in the Marvel Universe and his newest movie just proved that. These cufflinks and keychain are perfect for guys who want to be a little bit discreet when it comes to their “fanboying.”

Superman - World Hero Costume Comfy Throw

Superman ThrowSurprisingly, comfy throws aren’t something you’d ever think to gift to a man. But who doesn’t want to be able to comfortably binge on Netflix during the winter? And what better way to do that than dressed up as Superman? This gift can even double as a costume for next year’s Halloween party.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock

Star Trek Alarm ClockIf your man is any kind of Star Trek fan, then he'll be drooling when he sees this. Not only is this a replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 starship that would look incredibly cool on his bedside table, it's an alarm clock that will project the time on his wall or ceiling with an LED display!

Darth Vader Star Wars Ceramic Cookie Jar

Darth Vader Cookie JarWhen it comes to unusual gifts for men, this would probably be on the top of anyone's list. Cookie jars aren't really the best thing to give any man. But as you can see, this ain't no simple cookie jar. This is the Star Wars™ Limited Edition Darth Vader Ceramic Cookie Jar. Aside from that, it'll be the perfect addition to his Star Wars memorabilia, especially since The Last Jedi will be coming out in theaters soon.

Aquaman Stainless Steel Silver Mens Watch

Aquaman WatchOn this list of superhero gifts, an aquaman watch isn’t going to seem that unusual. A watch, after all, is a staple when it comes to gifts. But we decided to slip this right in because we absolutely loved him in Justice League and can’t wait for his own movie to come out. Be honest. You thought so too. We’re pretty sure the superfan in your life is of the same opinion.