Deadpool – The Marvel Watch just for you!

There's no question that Deadpool is the funniest anti-hero ever. Ryan Reynolds has definitely helped the character make his mark on all of us. And now that Deadpool 2 is coming out in a few months, anticipation as well as expectations are incredibly high. We certainly can't wait. Can you? If, like us, you can't help but wish for May to get here sooner rather than later, then you may be in need of something to tide you over. And we've got just the Marvel watch to help you out. In fact, we've got two.

Deadpool "Bad Deadpool... Good Deadpool" Mens Watch

The “Merc with the Mouth” isn’t a creature of subtlety but some of us are. And while we all love Deadpool, we aren’t planning on shouting it from the rooftops, right? Now, that isn’t to say that this Marvel watch is not an eye-catching accessory. It is. It’s a badass watch that is all black with a premium silicon band and Deadpool's face on the dial. But it doesn’t scream “Deadpool die-hard fan” and that’s a good thing.

Deadpool "Sup Ladies" Women's Watch

Deadpool isn’t just for the men. Ladies love a good time and Deadpool always delivers. It doesn’t hurt that it’s Ryan Reynolds behind that mask. If you’re looking for fun superhero gifts for a female friend or family member, this Deadpool 'Sup Ladies' Women's Watch might just be the thing. Like the male counterpart, this is an all black watch with bumpy rubber bullet band straps. However, this particular watch has one feature that stands out; it has a count-up bezel with a 0-60 scale like the one featured on dive watches. It’ll help you count up to an hour, helping you to easily keep track of elapsed time without doing any calculations. Maybe it just might help you or your friend count down ‘til our favorite anti-hero goes live on the big screen once again.