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The season 12 finale of Dr. Who came out months ago. But we're still reeling from all the questions that popped up. Of course, we're not going to discuss it here. Because, spoilers. Since the next season won't be coming out until 2021 (at the earliest), we decided to look for something to satisfy our Dr. Who appetite for the time being. And guess what we found - animated stories of Dr. Who "lost" episodes that will be released (fingers crossed!) before the year ends. Plus, a multi-Doctor special on audio starring the 5th, 6th, and 10th incarnations of Dr. Who which was just released this month. David Tennant, for the win! But we understand if an audio drama and an animation are not your cuppa. So, we suggest treating yourself to some of the Dr. Who merchandise below.

Doctor Who Tardis Analog Watch

Doctor Who Tardis Analog WatchAs much as we love the Doctor, there’s no question that we love the TARDIS more. There’s no limit to where that box can take you. Imagine being able to travel through time AND space. Multiple dimensions and timelines at your fingertips. This extremely cool Dr. Who Watch was specifically designed to remind fans of the TARDIS with its blue wristband that's exactly the same shade of the box. The dial also features the sign that's pasted at the front of the TARDIS. But what really makes this watch so great is the fact that it doesn’t scream “time-traveler” to everyone else. It’s subtle and blends in the background. Much like the actual TARDIS.

Doctor Who Watch - Dr Who Dalek Collector's Digital Watch - Gold and Black

Doctor Who Watch - Dr Who Dalek Collector's Digital Watch - Gold and BlackAmong all the Doctor Who Watches in our collection, this is the one that any Whovian worth his/her salt should have. We all know that the Daleks are one of the deadliest villains in the universe. No Dr. Who season would be complete without them. They're even making an appearance in the audio drama with David Tennant. Of course, it's not the only reason why you should get this watch. The design of the watch screams "Exterminate!" The only thing missing if there was an actual button you could press to make it say that phrase.

Doctor Who Women's Wrist Watch - Tardis

Doctor Who Women's Wrist Watch - TardisWe have to admit that Jodi Whittaker made a pretty decent Time Lord. Of course, it still doesn't compare to Matt Smith or David Tennant. But we all have our favorites, right? If you're a female Whovian or know someone who is, this Doctor Who Women's Watch is the perfect gift for you or them. Like our very first pick, it also features a TARDIS design except that this is the more elegant choice. This fashionable timepiece features a royal blue faux-leather snake skin band and the faux diamonds bordering the dial as well as the TARDIS on the display. Could it be any better?

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