Dr. Who Gifts

There's no question that Dr. Who is one of the best Sci-Fi shows in the history of ever. The Time Lord has been part of British pop culture for decades. Today, he is a character that continues to fascinate the entire world. And it's no wonder. Where else will you get a chance to peek at various worlds and cultures through the eyes of several individuals all playing one character, regenerated. Now, if you’re a true blue fan of this show, you’ll know that this season’s ending and so is our time with the 12th Doctor. To commemorate this changing of the guard - new season, new doctor - you might be interested in our collection of Dr. Who gifts.

Doctor Who Women's Wrist Watch

Doctor Who Women's Wrist WatchIf you’re any kind of Dr. Who fanatic, you already know by now that there’s a new Time Lord (or is it now a Lady) coming around the corner. Actress Jodi Whittaker is set to be the 13th Doctor, the first female to ever be cast in this role. Now, there’s no question that Matt Smith is the best Doctor ever. But this unprecedented change may just top his three seasons. For female fans who want to celebrate this moment, this is the timepiece for you. It features a blue faux-leather snake skin, a faux-diamond border, and the TARDIS on the display. What could be a better fashion accessory for you than this?

Dr Who Dalek Collector's Digital Watch

Doctor Who WatchNo matter which Doctor you prefer, there’s only one villain who has consistently been a thorn on his side - the Dalek. He’s fought with them and defeated them numerous times. The 11th Doctor even took on an entire planet of Daleks. Who else would be his greatest enemy? While we really don’t like Daleks, this Dr. Who Dalek Collector’s Digital Watch is a cool accessory that any true fan would love to have. It features a square shaped case with those Dalek-like circles around the band. And that display? It's definitely out of this world.

Doctor Who Photo Printed Stamp Cut TARDIS Dog Tag Pendant

Doctor Who Photo Printed Stamp Cut TARDIS Dog Tag Pendant If you’re not much of a watch person, then this is the Dr. Who gift for you - a dog tag pendant with the TARDIS printed on top. The picture of the TARDIS very subtly done. It looks a bit foggy. But that’s not a bad thing. It kind of reminds us of all those times when the TARDIS is leaving or arriving at a destination. If we can’t have the real thing, a small replica wouldn’t hurt.



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