Green Lantern Watches

HBO Max has some new content lined up that we're incredibly excited about - the Green Lantern series! While they officially announced this back in 2019, new information about the series was released late last year. The live-action series is going to be a lot different from Ryan Reynolds’ movie. It's going to be quite a bit darker, in fact. Apparently, it will have a similar tone as Watchmen. Even more intriguing is that it'll have three different timelines, focusing on the lives of three Green Lanterns - Alan Scott who is a closeted gay man living in the 1940s; Bree Jarta is a part-human, part-alien black woman living in the 1980s, and Jessica Cruz who is dealing with debilitating anxiety. The serious tone of the Green Lantern HBO MAX live-action series is giving us really good vibes. It might just be our next favorite DC show! In light of this very happy news, we’re taking a quick look at the best Green Lantern Watches in our collection.

Green Lantern Men's Stainless Steel Watch

Green Lantern Men's Stainless Steel WatchOur line of Green Lantern gifts isn’t long, but they’re favorites among fans. And why wouldn’t they be? This specific Green Lantern watch, for example, is just the thing for the guy (or gal) who wants an alternative to the ring. After all, the first Green Lantern was a lamp-maker who, quite obviously, created a lamp out of the meteor that crashed in Ancient China. Years later (hundreds, in fact), the lamp was recarved into a lantern. By the time Alan Scott got it, the Lantern was ready to become something wearable - a ring. The point of our short history lesson is that the Power Ring doesn't really have to be a ring. Back to our watch…

Now, this piece is made of stainless steel in the same color of the uniform of our intergalactic police officers. The dial features the Green Lantern's logo that can provide you with incredible powers limited only by your will and imagination.

Green Lantern Men's Stainless Steel Watch

Green Lantern Men's Stainless Steel WatchThis piece is quite similar to the first watch in our Green Lantern collection. It is also completely made of stainless steel. Its beautiful green color ensures you're not wearing a piece of gaudy jewelry as you defend all life from evildoers everywhere. And in case people don't know that you're wielding a powerful weapon, the watch features the Green Lantern himself on the dial.

Green Lantern Men's Stainless Steel Black Watch

Green Lantern Men's Stainless Steel Black WatchSo, we have to be honest here. Not everything goes well with green. Plus, it's not exactly an inconspicuous color. Might be too bright for the office. Fortunately, we've got an alternative on offer - this stainless steel watch that's all black. The dial features the Green Lantern logo with a background showing the vastness of space. Quite apt since the Green Lantern is part of an intergalactic police force that watches over the entire span of the cosmos.

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