Infinity War Gifts

If you haven't watched Avengers: Infinity War, then you've missed a life-changing event. But if you have, then you know Avengers 4 is going to be BIG! With half the team obliterated, how will they ever find a way to reverse what Thanos has done? Well, you probably already have your own theories on who will be showing up in Phase 4 and we do too. But before we get into all that, we decided to “honor” those heroes we felt made such an impact to us in the big screen. And we decided to share them with you along with some related gift ideas for men who have everything. Or women. After that movie, we're pretty sure everyone left the movie theater a fan. Spoiler alert: if you haven’t watched the movie at all (what rock were you living under?!), we mention stuff that happens in the movie.

Iron Man Stainless Steel Men's Arc Reactor Watch

Iron Man WatchOk, let’s face it. Tony Stark is a badass and, in our humble opinion, way better than Captain America. He flew all the way into space to save Dr. Strange without any hesitation. And doing so knowing that he might not get back to Pepper and start the family he was dreaming of. He has definitely grown a lot over the years. He’s more selfless and, while still arrogant and sarcastic, has learned to work with others well. Plus, his father-like treatment of Peter Parker, especially at the end, just made him the one of the best in his team. Take that, Captain America!

Now, this particular watch that we've highlighted features Iron Man's arc reactor which is no longer part of his suit. But it also reminds us of his new Bleeding Edge armor that features a glowing device embedded in his body. This new device spreads out across his body, allowing him to carry the suit everywhere he goes. If you’re on the lookout for Captain America watches, you might want to check out this one instead.

The Mighty Thor Ragnarok Stainless Steel Mens Watch

Thor WatchInfinity War certainly made one thing clear - Thor is the mightiest Avenger, something he's been harping about for ages. But that's not what made him truly stand out in this movie. He's had to face devastating losses which would break just about anyone. And yet, there he was, giving everything he's got to help forge the Stormbreaker in order to kill Thanos and save the world.

This Mighty Thor Ragnarok Watch is a hats off to the prior movie where he loses his mighty hammer and feels unable to stop the destruction of his homeworld without it. And while he did learn that he can be more than what he thought he could be without his hammer, Thanos isn't exactly your average villain which means he'll need something better. With his brand new axe-hammer, Thor was indeed the only one who could have defeated Thanos which made him the strongest superhero in the movie. If you're a fan of the mighty god of thunder or you know someone who is, you'll definitely want to get this exclusive watch.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Exclusive Watch

Spiderman WatchHe may be young but he was more of a superhero than a lot of the others in Infinity War. There’s no question that Spiderman was absolutely amazing in this movie. And his new costume ain’t bad either. His bravery in the fight to prevent Thanos from getting the Time Stone needs to be commended. And that heartbreaking scene with Iron Man towards the end? Poor kid. We can only hope that we see him "revived" in the next film.

Now, this particular watch is, for us, an homage to his new costume which is more steel than cloth thanks to Iron Man's tweaking. The watch's dial also shows a spider with long legs, something that Spidey's new armor also features. The only thing lacking with this watch is a web shooter but we aren't sure if it would be legal to include one. In any case, if you're like us and can't get enough of this new Peter Parker (the best one, in our opinion), then this is one watch you definitely must have in your collection.