Inspiring Superman Watches

The Man of Steel is not just any superhero despite what some people might say. Yes, we have loads of them around - Wolverine, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Thor, etc. But Superman is the one who stands out among them all. Without Superman, there'd be no superheroes at all. It all started with him. But that isn't the most important thing about him. Superman is the superhero simply because he symbolizes hope, goodness, and humanity. He's the nice guy, that quiet guy who does what is right even when he doesn't get noticed by the girl. He's the alien, the outsider, who's made it his life's purpose to help others. Not because he's out for vengeance (I'm looking at you, Batman) or because of the death of a loved one (hello, Spiderman). He genuinely just wants to help. "Truth, justice, and the American way." Superman's slogan is one that we could all live our life by.

If you’re a fan of Superman or someone you love is, we have several watches in our collection that are not only cool to look at but inspire us all to live by the Man of Steel’s code.

Superman Man of Steel Shield Watch

SuperMan WatchThe Superman shield has definitely evolved since the character was first introduced to the public in the 1930s. But the main design has been consistent since it first came out in December 1938 - an inverted triangle with the red S inside it. With this Superman watch, you get the classic logo, a reminder that while modern times require for a modern Superman, his character will always remain the same.

Superman Kryptonite Glow in the Dark Watch 

Glow in the Dark Watch - Superman WatchAnyone who knows Superman knows that Kryptonite is his weakness. Well, it's good to be reminded that even the superhero of all superheroes is not invulnerable. With this Superman watch, you get reminded of his vulnerability every time you go into a dark place. It also doesn't hurt that you get a sliver of light to help guide you. Of course, what we really love about this watch is the classic comic book drawing and lettering on the face of the watch. Reminds us all of our childhood days...

Superman Man of Steel Black Stainless Steel Watch 

Stainless Steel Superman WatchOk, we admit it. Superman doesn't seem to be as much of a badass as Batman. BUT that's not the case with this watch. This limited edition, all-black Superman watch has an etched Man of Steel logo and entirely composed of stainless steel. It's definitely not a boy scout's watch. But despite being a badass man's watch, it also symbolizes hope. Something we could all use, right?

Superman Man of Steel Watch

Superman Man of Steel WatchSuperman has evolved a lot over the years, the latest version being Henry Cavill's portrayal in Man of Steel - the modern man's Superman. For those who are inspired by this newest version of Superman, this one's for you. It comes with a modern design - an all black watch with red accents with the classic superman logo in dark red and a slightly light blue background. It's the perfect merging of the old Man of Steel with today's Man of Tomorrow.

 Superman Man of Steel Watch

Superman Man of Steel WatchNow this is the watch for the Superman fan who wants to stand out. If you want to be inspired and to inspire others, this may just be the watch you're looking for. It features a deep red colored logo and bracelet as well as a bit of a fiery background. It's totally unique, a great conversation piece that will give you a chance to share your love for the Man of Steel.