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In a few days, the new Joker movie is coming out. There's quite a bit of anticipation over how Joaquin Phoenix will be portraying one of our favorite super-villains. We must admit that we're incredibly excited to see how this movie will turn out, especially since it's going to be an origins story. There's not going to be any Batman sightings here. Plus, we're extremely curious to how well this Joker is played compared to all the Jokers we've had before. Since we're all so excited (you are too, you must admit), we decided to plan what we'll be wearing on this momentous occasion. And we came up with four Joker T-shirts to choose from.

#1: Heroes & Villains Joker Black T-Shirt

Heroes & Villains Joker Black T-Shirt

If you love how crazy Joker's facial expression can be, you're going to geek out on this Joker shirt. The laughing face of Joker, one we're incredibly familiar with especially if you've read a lot of Batman comics, is printed on the front of the shirt along with some lines that just add to his insanity. The shirt is made of pre-shrunk, ringspun 100% cotton and features a taped neck and shoulder seams as well as a rib-knit collar.

#2: Batman/Joker Half Face T-Shirt

Batman/Joker Half Face T-Shirt

The line between sanity and insanity is a very thin one. We all cross that line at times, completely unaware that we've done so. While some of us can go back to the sane portion of our mind, some of us find insanity a more comfortable place to be. Joker is one of those guys while Batman is the other. This shirt expresses the similarity between our superhero and super-villain accurately. And this makes this Joker T-Shirt one of our favorites.

#3: Joker And Harley Quinn Men's T-shirt Tee Shirt

Joker And Harley Quinn Men's T-shirt Tee ShirtJoker and Harley Quinn are one crazy couple that we love to hate but can't seem to get enough of. This Joker and Harley Quinn shirt is a clear depiction of Harley Quinn's devotion to this mad super-villain as he goes on and on about what his nefarious plans are. While our favorite crazy lady isn't going to be in this movie, this is still a great shirt to add to your super-villain collection.

#4: Batman Joker & Harley Quinn Dancing Navy Tee Shirt

Batman Joker & Harley Quinn Dancing Navy Tee Shirt

If you think that Jack Nicholson is the best Joker ever, then you're going to geek over this Joker and Harley Quinn shirt. Now, don't get us wrong. It's clearly not Jack Nicholson but the pic comes pretty close. And we have to admit that the image of this insane couple dancing the night away is kinda creepy. Quite appropriate considering the rumors we're hearing about Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal in the new Joker movie. Plus, Jack Nicholson. What better Joker shirt is out there?

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