Man of Steel Watches For 2021

The Last Son of Krypton may not have been gracing our screens for the past couple of years, but according to a majority of the public, Superman is still the world's most popular superhero. And the CW is banking on that popularity by launching a new superhero drama - Superman & Lois. The series will focus on their married life as well as "the stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today’s society." The show is set in the Arrowverse with the couple moving their family from Metropolis to Smallville. Now, we can't really tell if this is going to be a good one or not, but it's definitely something we want to see. Since there's only a month left before the show premieres, we thought we'd rummage through our collection to see which of our Man of Steel Watches fit this new version of Superman.

Man of Steel Superman Shield Watch - Gold - Leather Strap

Man of Steel Superman Shield Watch - Gold - Leather StrapWhile the new show is set in modern times, there's a classic, old school feel to it, especially since it's set in a small town. The family relocates, looking for a simpler life after facing hardships in the city. Part of the story is about going back to Clark Kent's roots and his struggles as a dad. And this Man of Steel Superman Shield Watch resonates well with that theme. It's like your dad's old watch that you grew up seeing, waiting for that time when he would pass it on to you as a family heirloom. The watch features a gradient gold-toned dial and Superman's logo within a shield-shaped casing. It also features a brown leather strap and gold-toned buckle. This is a classic watch that deserves to be on the wrist of a classic guy.

Man of Steel Superman "Silver" Extreme Limited Edition Collection Watch

Man of Steel Superman If the old school style is not up your alley, then maybe this Man of Steel Silver Watch is. It’s still a classic in terms of appearance. The watch is made entirely of stainless steel which is quite apt. The dial features the same texture as the newest Superman costume which, in our humble opinion, looks quite cool. And there’s the Man of Steel logo discretely etched below the 12 position and the clasp. It's fashionable, sleek, and subtle. It's exactly the kind of watch that you can wear in the office, at the mall, or on a night on the town. You can wear your Superman flag proudly with none the wiser if you wish. As an added bonus, this is an extreme limited edition piece - only 100 pieces in the world. There's no question this watch would look good on the wrist of any gentleman.

Man of Steel "Blue" Limited Edition Collection Chronograph Watch

Man of Steel For Superman fans who are looking for something a little more modern and a bit "badass", then you should check out the Man of Steel "Blue" Limited Edition Collection Chronograph Watch. Like our previous choice, this one is also a limited edition - only 300 pieces ever made. It is also made completely of stainless steel. Unlike our two classics however, this baby comes in the same blue tone as Superman's newest costume. It also features yellow accents and red chronograph buttons as well as a full color large Man of steel logo on the dial. This Man of Steel watch may be a bit more city than small town. But it would be the perfect accessory for the man who just wants a little bit of Metropolis in the middle of Smallville.

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