More SuperHero Gifts – Aquaman Watches

Aquaman isn't one of the superheroes everyone admired and dreamt of being. To be blunt, everyone makes fun of him as the guy who rides a seahorse and talks to fish. But that's where people are wrong. He can swim at high speed, he has sonar, he has a magical trident that can call down lightning and move water, and he can see in the dark. He also has superhuman strength, agility, healing, durability (he can repel bullets!) and the ability to speak and understand any language on Earth. AND he rules over two thirds of the planet. Of course, all of these reasons we've just mentioned aren't enough to convince everyone of Aquaman's greatness. We'll leave that to Jason Momoa. For now, we'll stick with what we've got. To the few who knew about Aquaman's greatness before anyone else, we've got two great things for you.

Aquaman Stainless Steel Black Mens Watch

The King of the Seven Seas and ruler of Atlantis certainly doesn't look dorky in this watch. Aquaman has been around for 70 years and, if Jason Momoa's movie has anything to say about it, he'll be around for a good 70 more. If you're in the market for superhero gifts, then this badass Aquaman watch should do the trick. This is a limited edition watch that has black stainless steel case and band. It has Aquaman on the dial wearing his gilded chainmail. And the watch is water resistant. But you kinda expect that with an Aquaman watch, doncha?

Aquaman Stainless Steel Silver Mens Watch

If black is not your thing, then we've got a stainless steel watch in all of its metallic glory. This Aquaman also wears his gilded chainmail here. Like the first one, this watch is also water resistant up to 5 ATM. Moreover, it's only offered in limited quantities. Now, we all know that the number of Aquaman fans are probably only a handful at the moment. And some may not appreciate superhero gifts that feature the telepathic ruler of Earth's oceans. But anyone looking at this Aquaman watch has got to admit that it looks incredibly cool. Plus, there's no seahorse in sight.