Spider-Man Watches For 2020

Spider-Man is the superhero everyone's talking about these days. Not only because Spider-Man 3 is releasing next year with a new mentor (hello, Dr. Strange!), but also because of the PlayStation game Spider-Man Miles Morales that will be coming out as one of the earliest titles for the next-gen PS5. That's a lot of good news for fans of our friendly neighborhood superhero. Of course, the movie still has a year to go before it is released. The game, on the other hand, is just a month away. But it still isn't today. So, if you're looking to scratch your Spider-Man fandom-induced itch, we've got some merch that you might be interested in.

Spider-Man Homecoming Stainless Steel Men's Watch

Spider-Man Homecoming Stainless Steel Men's WatchThis Spider-Man Homecoming Watch is the perfect choice for fans of Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series which is a modernized version of the long-running Spiderman comic books. It features a stainless steel band and case back. It's water resistant up to 5 ATM which means you can expect it to help you stay on track under any conditions - including when you're fighting criminal threats in New York City. Not only that, the bright colors of the watch along with the cool Ultimate Spider-Man logo makes this watch an eye-catching collectible.

Spider-Man 2099 Stealth Men's Watch

Spider-Man 2099 Stealth Men's WatchUnlike the bright-colored watch above, this Spider-Man Men's watch is in stealth mode. Its gunmetal and black color combo of the watch ensures that you stay under the radar while you go about your life as Miguel O'Hara. Fans of this futuristic Spidey will know that O'Hara is the brilliant geneticist living in 2099 who decided to create a person with Spider-Man's abilities. Unfortunately, an "accident" causes him to alter his own genetic code becoming the Spider-Man of 2099. Even if you didn't, who could resist such a cool-looking watch like this?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Exclusive Watch

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Exclusive Watch There have been a lot of Spider-Man actors (Spider-Men?) over the years. Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, Nicholas Hammond, Josh Keaton... the list goes on. And then there's Andrew Garfield. While he may have not looked like a teenage Peter Parker (Tom Holland does this better), he did nail the core character. He was witty and charming, anxious and nervous, and incredibly vulnerable after the loss of his Uncle Ben and Gwen. It's really too bad that he only got 2 movies. Fortunately, we can console ourselves with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Exclusive Watch. This quality timepiece comes with a blue band with a dial that features the textured Spiderman suit and the Amazing Spider-Man logo. And since there are only 300 watches like this in the whole wide world, it’s just the thing for Spider-Man fanatics everywhere.

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