Superb Wonder Woman Watches

Wonder Woman is an iconic superhero who embodies empowerment and equality. Throughout her 75 years of existence, she revolutionized how comic book readers and moviegoers have related and embraced female superheroes. Diana, Princess of Thymescira, has provided us a superhero that we can all relate to as she represents strength, integrity, honor, love, power, and passion; personified by the women in our lives, such as our mothers, wives, sisters, teachers, doctors, and soldiers.

Wonder Woman is part of The Trinity of main DC Comic’s superheroes, fighting against injustice and evildoers alongside Superman and Batman. She is a critical pillar and founder of the Justice League of America and features powers such as speed, strength, flight, and is a kickass warrior with several kickass weapons in her arsenal. If you've got a Wonder Woman in your life (or you yourself are one), we thought it might be a great tribute to her (or you) to own a watch that symbolizes strength, integrity, honor, and power. Besides, some of these watches we’ve picked out were inspired by Wonder Woman’s best weapons. And who wouldn’t want some of those in their own own arsenal?

Wonder Woman “Justice” Gold-tone Watch

Wonder Woman “Justice” Gold-tone Watch One of the most well-known weapons that Wonder Woman wields is her Lasso of Truth. It forces people to tell the truth, helps restore lost memories, and reveals the truth behind illusions. This gold-tone watch is inspired by the golden lasso while embodying class and regal strength. Wonder Woman is a princess after all.

Wonder Woman “Justice” Silver-tone Watch

Wonder Woman “Justice” Silver-tone Watch For those who like the regal style of the gold-tone watch but would like to be more subtle about their Wonder Woman ways, this is the watch for you. It symbolizes strength and style - a unique accessory for the classic Wonder Woman in you.

Wonder Woman Bangle Cuff Bracelet Watch

Wonder Woman Bangle Cuff Bracelet WatchWonder Woman's Bracelets of Victory are a key part of her costume. Indestructible, these babies are used as a shield as well as a weapon. These iconic bracelets have inspired the creation of a watch made of mirror metal with Wonder Woman's original logo blazing against the dial. It's the perfect accessory for the equally indestructible woman in your life.

Wonder Woman Black Rubber Strap Character Watch 

Wonder Woman Black Rubber Strap Character WatchThis watch is the perfect gift for women who love the retro look. The rubber strap and the comic rendition of Wonder Woman speaks to the child in all of us who once watched her avidly on TV. It also features Czech stones adorning the bezel of the watch which gives it a touch of elegance that suits the daughter of Zeus. A perfect mixture of hip and class.

Wonder Woman "Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice" Silver-tone Woman's Watch

Wonder Woman "Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice" Silver-tone Woman's WatchIf you've been plugged into the world this past year, then you know that the new Wonder Woman movie is just around the corner. Introduced in the "Dawn of Justice" movie, this new version of the Amazon princess still features most of what made us love her in the first place with a lot more badass mixed in. And this watch is the perfect complement to this new Wonder Woman. It still breathes class, elegance, and style - just what a regal princess deserves. But it also features the new logo signifying the birth of a new kind of princess; one who is strong, independent, powerful, able to face anything that life throws at her while inspiring other women to do the same. One who can stand alone without Superman, Batman, or Prince Charming to come to her aid (or share her screen time). That's the modern Wonder Woman.