Superman Fans – Check Out These Great Superman Watches!

If you're a true Superman fan, then you've probably read the latest comic released by DC, written by Marvel's Brian Michael Bendis – Superman #1. And it's nothing quite like we've seen before. We've already mentioned in a previous post just how different of a superhero the Man of Steel is. His life's purpose isn't vengeance or to make up for a mistake. It's to use his powers to help others, to ensure that good still triumphs over evil.

In this new Man of Steel miniseries, Superman is still all of those things. However, he's also dealing with the (SPOILER ALERT) disappearance of his family – Lois and their son Jon. So there he is, dealing with his own problems, haunted by his loss, and yet he still flies off to take out the Dominator armada that's heading to Earth. The new series definitely shows us a less hopeful, more conflicted, and saddened superhero. It shows us the innate humanity of someone who isn't really human. Let's just say, we can't wait for the next comic to come out. But as you and I anxiously wait, why not indulge ourselves with some Superman gifts?

Superman The Blur Watch 

Superman Watch

If you've read the new series, you'd have noticed that Superman's present has a slightly dim tone or color which is a direct contrast to the warm tones of his past. The Blur Watch reminds us of that with its color tone. It is a watch in the classic style with an alloy case and band. It's not something that will catch the notice of your peers but then Superman isn't known for being flashy.

Superman Man of Steel Watch

Superman Red Watch

If bright red is more your style, then this is the Superman watch for you. The watch features a deep red rubber/silicone bracelet with the Man of Steel insignia and a stainless steel caseback. It's a style that's definitely not for the faint of heart.

Man of Steel Superman "Silver" Extreme Limited Edition Collection Watch 

Superman Watch

If you've run out of gift ideas for men who have everything, then this limited edition Superman watch is just the thing. There are only a hundred pieces of this exclusive watch. The same texture and pattern on the latest Superman costume can be found on the dial. The logo can be seen just under the 12 position as well as on the crown and the clasp. Even the words "Man of Steel" is etched. You'll never mistake this watch for anything else. This is definitely something your Man of Steel will love.