The Best of The Flash Watches For 2021

There has been a number of interesting news concerning our DC speedster lately. One that we're incredibly excited about is that The Flash (the movie) has recently started filming. In the midst of this pandemic, we're so happy to have something to look forward to. Even better, the best Batman ever has finally confirmed that he's going to be in the film. In case you're wondering, we're talking about Michael Keaton, baby! Last, but definitely not the least crazy news we've heard, two of the original cast in The Flash (TV series) are leaving! Obviously, our world is very much shaken. Which is why we decided we all needed a little Flash pick-me-up as well as a little celebratory token.

The Flash Grant Gustin Stainless Steel Black Watch

The Flash Grant Gustin Stainless Steel Black WatchWe must admit that of all the actors who've ever played Flash, our favorite is Grant Gustin. There's just something about how he acts that makes him the perfect Barry Allen. Which is why we love this exclusive Grant Gustin watch. The Flash Wristwatch features high quality stainless steel coated in black. The dial shows our DC speedster in motion. And it definitely doesn't hurt that this piece is water-resistant. You know, in case you feel like tearing up because Cisco Ramon will no longer be in season 8. Even if you didn't mind that some characters are leaving, any true fan would love to wear this watch while they're on the go.

The Flash CW Stainless Steel Red Watch

The Flash CW Stainless Steel Red WatchWhile we're huge admirers Grant Gustin, we're still an equal opportunity Flash fan. So, we're not going to boycott watching Ezra Miller as the Flash on the big screen. It also doesn't hurt that we've got Michael Keaton back as Batman! If you're as happy about this piece of news as we are, then you're going to love the Flash watch we have here. This watch has a stainless steel band and case coated in metallic red, just like the Fastest Man on Earth. But unlike our previous pick, this one has a dial that features the lightning bolt symbol which makes it perfect for those who love our superhero with no preference to who portrays him. Of course, it's also an excellent watch to add to an avid fan's collection. It is, after all, another exclusive watch available only in limited quantities, licensed with DC Comics and Warner Brothers.

The Flash The Fastest Man Alive Men's or Women's Genuine Leather Water Resistant Chronograph Watch DC Comics

The Flash The Fastest Man Alive Men's or Women's Genuine Leather Water Resistant Chronograph Watch DC ComicsNot everyone is a fan of wearing a modern stainless steel watch. Some fans prefer going old school. And the Flash Retro Watch is definitely all that. It gives off a 40s vibe with its stainless steel case and genuine leather band that's red with yellow stitching. The colors are quite vibrant, just like how Flash first appeared in the comics. In line with the retro theme, there are numerous lightning bolts on the dial. But what makes this watch perfect for a fan of today, there's also a drawing of our DC speedster on the dial - our favorite Grant Gustin. Of course, its appearance isn’t the only reason why we recommend this watch. In case you haven’t noticed it yet, this is a chronograph watch. What that means is that you can also use it to see how fast you can run. And if you turn out to be not as speedy as Barry Allen or any of the other Flashes of the Multiverse, you can still use this watch to keep yourself on time.

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