The Best Spider-Man Jewelry For 2021

Tom Holland is undoubtedly the best Spiderman ever. His portrayal is on par with the Spiderman comics and cartoons we grew up with. Not only that, he has adopted a lot of Spiderman's mannerisms. His Peter Parker portrayal is also perfect (forgive us for the alliteration, but we couldn't help it). In short, Tom Holland combines the best of Tobey Maguire's and Andrew Garfield's portrayals of Spiderman. The total superhero package. So, it's pretty safe to say how stoked we are about the untitled Spider-Man 3 movie that is currently being filmed. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that there's a rumor that the previous Spider-mans (Spider-men?) will be featured as well. Spider-Verse here we come! So, in light of this incredibly exciting news-slash-rumor, we decided to feature some of the best Spiderman gifts in our collection.

Spiderman Black Crystal Pendant Necklace

Spiderman Black Crystal Pendant NecklaceWhen it comes to Spiderman jewelry, this one definitely has a unique design. It features a hematite-tone Spiderman logo spider as well as petite black crystals to give it a more subtle appearance. But we all know that if you were a true fan of the Webslinger, this is one Spiderman Pendant Necklace will get your Spidey senses tingling.

Spider-man Head Belt Buckle

Spider-man Head Belt BuckleWe understand that not everyone wants to be subtle about their love for our friendly neighborhood superhero. We can’t really blame you. He is an awesome guy. So, for those fans, we found this special gem - the Spiderman Belt Buckle. Yup. You got that right. This unique, conversation-starting accessory is just the thing to wear whether you’re going on a date, an event, or to work (provided that your company doesn’t enforce a strict dress code, but maybe even then 🤷). It certainly will help declare to the whole wide world whose superhero team you’re on. That being said, this is one Spiderman collectible that you can’t go wrong with. Even if you decide not to wear it.

Spiderman Red Enamel Face Stud Earring

Spiderman Red Enamel Face Stud EarringThis Spiderman Stud Earrings features the Webslinger's classic mask which is made of red enamel on top of a silver tone stud base. As button earrings go, this pair is pretty unique. And a little more subtle than your belt buckle. Though it may take awhile to get noticed, we can guarantee that your fashion sense and Spidey sense will be the next topic of conversation wherever you wear it. And that's a good thing. Because who needs to talk about the state of the world when you can gossip about the latest tidbit about the new Spiderman movie? Right?! While it definitely isn't a pair of diamond earrings, to the right girl, you can be sure it'll be a Spiderman gift to remember.

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