The Flash Watches

There are many things in life that are still unknown. So many things yet to be discovered and/or explained. Is there life on another planet? What is the secret to happiness? Are there female leprechauns? How does The Flash tell time? Actually, for that last one, we have found the answer. And we're ready to share it with the world. Here goes nothing. The Flash tells time through his watch. Yes, you read that right. And we've got just the watches to prove it.

The Flash CW Stainless Steel Red Watch

The Flash CW Stainless Steel Red Watch This watch is definitely perfect for The Flash because of three things. First, the lightning bolt symbol. Anyone who looks at that knows what it stands for. If you don't, then we'd love to know where you've been hiding all your life? Second, the color of the watch is red. And we all know how much The Flash loves that color. He wouldn't have chosen to have it be the primary color of his costume if it wasn't his favorite, right? Third, this watch is stainless steel and water resistant. It will continue telling time no matter how much abuse it goes through, rain or shine. And last, did you see how simple this watch is? No matter how fast The Flash can go, nothing will blur the time-telling abilities of this baby.

The Flash Grant Gustin Stainless Steel Black Watch

The Flash Grant Gustin Stainless Steel Black WatchGrant Gustin is hands down the best Flash. And yes, we included that role-stealing guy who impersonated The Flash in Batman vs Superman in our sample. Ok, so he didn't really steal the role and he didn't impersonate The Flash. But let's not quibble over little things. Anywho, there are plenty of reasons why Grant Gustin is who we've always envisioned this superhero to be. He even reminds us of the cartoon version. And because we believe all of what we've said to be true, then it's only logical that the real Flash should wear a watch that features the person who best represents him. And in action too!

The Flash Grant Gustin Black Stainless Steel Watch

The Flash Grant Gustin Black Stainless Steel Watch Now, if The Flash wants to avoid flashing his superhero status for one and all, then he might choose a watch that’s a little more discreet. Yes, it still features Grant Gustin in costume. It is, after all, an homage to his secret identity. But the picture is muted and there's nothing about the watch that will really catch your eye should you come across it on someone's wrist. You never know. You might already have crossed paths with The Flash and never known it.