The Incredible Hulk – Awesome Gifts for Guys

The Hulk has been the iconic smash-and-bash hero of the Marvel Universe. While he has not been given enough screen time and character development in most of the Avengers movies, something seems to be have been brewing in the background for two movies now. In Infinity War, while Banner was one of the ones we saw survive, Hulk was nowhere to be seen. Since there's still a year (almost) 'til Avengers 4, we're left to wonder what the fate of our uncontrollable green monster will be. While we do that, we've got some awesome Marvel gifts that pay tribute to the greatness of the Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk Men's Stainless Steel Watch 

Hulk watch

This limited edition watch is constructed out of stainless steel. What better material for a Hulk watch than something that is durable and tough, eh? It is entirely green with Hulk's huge upper body shown in the dial. One look, even from afar, will let everybody know which Marvel superhero has your undying loyalty.

Marvel Hulk Foundmi 2.0

Hulk FoundMiWhile we all know that Bruce Banner is the brains of the two, the past two movies have shown that there is more to the Hulk than just brawn. Which is just one of the reasons why I love the Marvel Hulk Foundmi 2.0. If you're the type who loses stuff like your keys (who doesn't, right?), this is definitely one gift you'll appreciate. Just attach this mini-Hulk to your keys (or whatever it is you tend to always lose), and use the Foundmi app to track it via Bluetooth whenever you do lose it. The Hulk will sound a loud alarm so you can quickly find it. If it's your phone that you've lost, you can keep the Hulk in your wallet and just double tap him to ring your phone. The Hulk can even help you take long-distance selfies and wide group shots by acting as a camera shutter. What do you say? It certainly belongs to my list of unusual gifts for me but it is an incredibly useful one.

The Incredible Hulk Fist Print Men's Loungewear Lounge Pants

Hulk pantsBefore Avengers 4 goes to the big screen, why not indulge in a movie marathon to catch up on everything that's happened so far? And what better way to do so than with some popcorn, soda, and a pair of lounge pants? This pair of lounge pants is made from a cotton/poly blend and features the Hulk's fist and name on one leg.